Prime Ministers of Canada Series

Did you know that Stephen Harper is the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada? How many of our former leaders can you name?

I know, for me, I was quite surprised at how many I didn’t recognize at all. There are many names I just don’t know of that list of 22.

So, I figured I’d put together a series to feature each Prime Minister one at a time, with links to resources, lesson plans, videos, or anything else I can find that might help you if you are studying Canadian history with your kids.

prime ministers of canada

For each, you will find a link to a notebooking page – where your child can keep track of important information for each leader, such as when they were power, what political party they represented, and if anything of significance happened while they were in leadership.

  1. John A. MacDonald
  2. Alexander MacKenzie
  3. John Abbott
  4. John Thompson
  5. Sir MacKenzie Bowell
  6. Sir Charles Tupper
  7. Wilfred Laurier
  8. Robert Borden
  9. Arthur Meighen
  10. Mackenzie King
  11. RB Bennett
  12. Louis St. Laurent
  13. John Diefenbaker
  14. Lester Pearson
  15. Pierre Trudeau
  16. Joe Clark
  17. John Turner
  18. Brian Mulroney
  19. Kim Campbell
  20. Jean Chretien
  21. Paul Martin
  22. Stephen Harper


10 thoughts on “Prime Ministers of Canada Series”

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I have a bit of a hard time finding much for some of the older PMs, but I have a few to add to this list (forgot!) It’s a work in a progress – I’ve fallen behind. 🙂 I will keep working on it asap.

  1. Arthur Meighen was from St Marys and the one I know most about. One of our schools used to be call Arthur Meighen, and we have a statue of him in one of our parks. I love politics and the history of politics, so this is shaping up to be a fun feature.

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