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Sir Wilfred LaurierAs Canada’s seventh Prime Minister, Sir Wilfred Laurier managed to stay in the role of leadership for 15 years – guiding the country through many years of prosperity and growth as newcomers arrived to establish the west. A bilingual francophone from Quebec, he aimed to use his time as Prime Minister to help expand Canada’s future while helping balance the conflict between the French and English speaking people of the country.

It was during his time as Prime Minister that Saskatchewan and Alberta joined Canada as provinces. Despite the fact that the financial obligation was extreme, he also championed the creation of a second transcontinental railway – pushing farther west and connecting more of our developing country.

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About His Life

Wilfred Laurier – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Biography of Wilfred Laurier – a detailed and lengthy biography of Mr. Laurier’s life from childhood to death.

Wilfred Laurier – from ThoughtCo. – bullet points of his life and contributions to Canada’s betterment while Prime Minister.

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Library Call Number – 971.056092


Colouring Page – from Crayola

Sir Wilfred Laurier National Historic Site – located 50 kms north of Montreal, this site commemorates Sir Wilfred Laurier’s life.

Laurier House – the home of Wilfred Laurier and his wife, Zoe, and then the home of his successor, William Lyon MacKenzie King, who did many makeovers. After his death, it was left to the people of Canada.

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