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This month has been all about organization and getting things settled in our homeschool homes. With that in mind, the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team are sharing their great tips and experiences to help everyone get organized!

Homeschool Organization Tips - from the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team
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Alexandra – How I Stay Organized in Our Homeschool

Over the last 10 years of homeschooling, I have tried many different organization systems, from Homeschool Tracker to trying to set up a homeschool room in a basement! I have learned what works for us, and now that I only homeschool one child, it is even more simple.

Alison – How to Use the Library Without Paying a Fortune in Fines

Library books are an integral part of our homeschool — but how can a busy homeschool mom keep track of up to 100 books, CDs, and DVDs on loan from the library without losing them (or her mind)? Check out (pun intended!) the simple ways this not-so-organized homeschool mom manages library lending!

Lisa – Organization

To kick start the year let’s talk about organization!
I love the feeling of purging and getting everything cleaned up; as it is so rewarding.

Debbie – How We Organize Our Homeschool Life

We have a small home and we don’t have lots of space for shelves or for those handy little craft storage towers things that seem to be so popular. We don’t have space for a designated “school” spot and often have to use our kitchen table.

Annette – How to Organize Your LEGO

Get tired of messy LEGO bins? Here is how we organized ours.

Bonnie – Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool

I usually consider myself an organized person. That is, I like things organized and I try to keep them that way. As a parent with children running around the house, however, it’s been harder to stay organized. Homeschooling adds extra pressure, because now my child’s education hangs in the balance of my organization skills. Okay, not quite, but being organized does help the homeschooling run more smoothly. Here are my tips for organizing your homeschool.

Joelle – Organizing Our Homeschool Space

Keeping items organized in your homeschool is an important aspect of your homeschool day. It does help you from being frazzled and wasting time looking for things.

Andrea – Organizing Your Homeschool Space

This is just the bare bones of how I organize our space. You might not have a specific room, and that’s OK. The key is to keep organizing simple, consistent, and find a system which works for you and your family.

Tammy – Organizing Our Homeschooling Days

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people say to me something along the lines of “What? You homeschool AND you have 6 kids? You must be SOOOOO organized!” And, I laugh. Seriously. There are definitely some things I’ve learned over the years that do help me keep some of the day running along, but staying organized is like battling clutter… it’s a constant, recurring struggle that you occasionally feel like you’re winning, but mostly you wonder if you’re even making a dent it.

Kimberly – Organizing Your Email Inbox

Face it. Your email inbox is out of control. If you’re anything like me, you’re addicted to emails and freebies from homeschool companies. You’re drowning in emails and have all but given up on organizing your email inbox. But it can get better! You can succeed at organizing your email inbox. It really does help save time and clear your head to have a nice, clean inbox. Get to inbox zero with these tips and tools.

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