Groundhog Day in Canada

groundhog dayBill Murray forever immortalized the excitement around this weather predicting event in Punxatawney, Pennsylvania  with the movie Groundhog Day. Here in Canada we have a few famous groundhogs and tomorrow, they are up for their big moment!

Shudenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a website or any information on this groundhog!

Wiarton Willie in Ontario. He has a website  so people who can’t get there can see what he sees! Learn about his past predictions and the history of this event.

Manitoba Merv is a cute puppet groundhog. Although, whether his predictions can be counted at the same level of expertise is questionable.

Balzac Billie in Alberta. Here’s his website. It looks like they are planning a fun breakfast event here this year!

Living Montessori Now mom, Deb from Colorado put together a great pinboard on Pinterest with some fun Groundhog Day activities.

What do you think? Are we looking for an early spring or is winter sticking around?

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