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About Me


Welcome to The Canadian Homeschooler. My name is Lisa Marie Fletcher. Like you, I am a homeschooling parent. I have 5 kids, a messy house, and big dreams (without an abundance of free time!) I spend my days teaching kids, playing with little ones, and chipping away at my computer.

When I first started homeschooling my oldest through Kindergarten, I used an American boxed curriculum that came highly recommended to me. It was a good program, but I really wanted to include Canadian resources. That set me on this journey to discover and share what I found with other homeschoolers here in Canada. I hope this site helps you. 

The Mission

To help Canadian homeschooling families connect with each other and also with companies and resources that will help them on their learning journey from start to finish. I want them to find curriculum, materials, and resources that are relevant to them, their experiences, and their history. 

Recent Posts

Forbrain: A Bone Conduction Headset {Review}

Did you know that you can train your brain to absorb information more, pay better attention to what you are learning or doing, and understand things more clearly? That’s the premise behind the bone conduction headset from Forbrain – to help you use your own voice to stimulate your brain and keep it engaged. What […]


Creation Crate – BoomBox {Review}

If your children excel at hands-on projects or you are looking for a fun but challenging hobby for your older children, try Creation Crate – a project-based program that teaches electronics and programming skills together. WHAT IS CREATION CRATE & WHAT PROJECT WE DID: Creation Crate is a Canadian-based company which focuses on hands-on learning […]


Oak Meadow {Review}: A Complete Curriculum

Choosing a curriculum or a method that works for your child isn’t always an easy task. I’ve been homeschooling for over 10 years and only just managed to find a program that has worked for one of my children. In this post, I will review Oak Meadow Sixth Grade that we used this year to […]


Voices of Future Generations: Free Digital Books From Children Around the Globe

The Sustainable Development Goals (often known as Agenda 2030) were adopted in 2015 by nations from across the globe. In line with these goals and to encourage children to get involved in helping to achieve them, Voices of Future Generations (a UNESCO project) was launched in 2014.  Books authored by child authors around the Sustainable […]


The Great Canadian Adventure Review

The Great Canadian Adventure is a subscription-based program that sends your child a history or geography of Canada activity kit each month.  Designed by a homeschooling mom who saw the need for a creative way to bring social studies to life for kids, there are three different options of programs to choose from: Tiny Travelers […]


What Siblings Can Learn From Pregnancy and Childbirth

Being pregnant and having a baby while having older children can be a great opportunity for learning. Kids usually are very curious about babies. Let’s look at some of the things that kids can learn while you are pregnant and have a newborn. What Kids Can Learn During Pregnancy Pregnancy is all about bodies – […]


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