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How to Homeschool Preschool: A No-Stress Approach to Early Learning

If you have decided to homeschool and you have a young child, you might be wondering how to homeschool preschool. You might be feeling a sense of overwhelm and confusion as you look for options and information. Preschool doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need a full curriculum to be successful just having fun […]

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MyFUNvelope – A Monthly Subscription Activity Kit Review

One great thing I love about subscription boxes is that each month you have something intentional to do with your child and myFUNvelope is a great example of that.  MyFUNvelope is designed for kids ages 3 to 7,  including several activities and a STEM project, which made it perfect to test out with my 4½-year-old. The package […]

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Creating a Learning-Rich Environment for Your Preschooler

It’s a popular question these days, three year old at my side: “So when does he start preschool?” Well… never. It has been nearly three years since I first shared my reasons for homeschooling. Most of those reasons remain the same today. Some are no longer as important to me as they once were. Other reasons […]

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When Art Attacks: A Round Up of Ideas to Help You Manage Your Child’s Art

It’s not that I don’t love my kids’ art work. Not at all! In fact, I love nothing more than seeing my little one with watercolour brush in hand and a dreamy look in her eye. The act of creating art is a regular occurrence in our house and as a result, the above photo […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music for Preschool Children

Back to school season is all about fresh starts and what better way to start the day fresh than with some classical music for you and your preschool child? In our house, the day is framed by classical and jazz. We open with classical music at breakfast and close with jazz at dinner. It is […]

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Kid-Safe Earphones from CozyPhones

CozyPhones are a kid-safe earphones headband which is easy, soft, and fun to use – protecting your child’s ears without the bulk of large headsets or pushing earbuds into their little ears. We go through a lot of headphones in our house. Whether it’s from constant use, rough handling, or being assisted by cord-hungry cats, […]

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Screen Time: Why it’s Okay to Expose your Preschooler to Quality Digital Resources

Have you heard the buzz adjective for summer? Apparently, it’s “screen-free” everything! We are seeing more screen-free activities, screen-free living rooms and screen-free days or weeks.   In fact, social media is full of printable resources for creating “screen time rules” for your little one. “Have you made your bed, brushed your teeth, washed the baseboards, […]

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Kalahari Reader

“Daddy, I Want to Read” Books for Beginning Readers

“Daddy, I Want to Read” are a set of beginning reading books written by a Christian Missionary family while the lived in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. There are five books in the series which are designed to be used in two lessons per day on school days – taking about a year to get […]

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Spend Quality Time With Your Preschooler

Solving the Preschool Paradox: How to Spend More Quality Time with your Child by Letting Them “R.O.A.M”

There’s a weird predicament that happens during the preschool years. When our children are 3-4 years old we, understandably, want to maintain and celebrate the quality connection we’ve established together in the family nest. Paradoxically, this is the time period when our kids are ready to test their wings a bit and also when parents […]

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