MyFUNvelope – A Monthly Subscription Activity Kit Review

One great thing I love about subscription boxes is that each month you have something intentional to do with your child and myFUNvelope is a great example of that.  MyFUNvelope is designed for kids ages 3 to 7,  including several activities and a STEM project, which made it perfect to test out with my 4½-year-old.

The package we got was all about snow. We made crafts with snow, snowballs, and even arctic animals. I was actually pretty impressed with the number of activities included and the different kinds of skills they focused on. Inside this kit were a blank fabric pencil case, some kid scissors and some markers. The first point of business was to make that pencil case personalized and special so Jr got right to work drawing a picture and attempting to write his name. He loves that he has somewhere special just for his own supplies and even went rummaging for extra things like glue to keep in it.

MyFunvelope Monthly Craft Kit

The kit comes with a full-colour pamphlet explaining the projects inside, which was very helpful.

The first craft in this box was a rainbow scratch snowman. Included was a little tool to use to scratch the black off the front of the snowman cutout revealing rainbow colours underneath. He happily scratched out a snowman face and buttons and we added the string so he could hang it on our Christmas tree. Next, he practised sewing on a seal puppet that you have to stitch around. He was fascinated at first but got bored too quickly to finish it off. Luckily for him, his 2-year-old sister want a to do anything he is so she excitedly finished it off. the puppet became one of her favourite things in the envelope.

We also crafted a foam picture frame with snow themed stickers, and he worked extra hard to cut out the shapes for a paper bag snowman. There was even a “how to draw a snowman” step-by-step instruction card.

The overall winner of this kit for my son was the STEM activity: a snowball launcher made out of popsicle sticks, elastic bands, & a small plastic spoon. We had oodles of fun shooting little white pompoms around the living room (until the spoon snapped from overexertion).

My Funvelope - Snowball Launcher

We enjoyed our kit and could totally see the value of these regularly for quality time with your young learners. Since they are theme based, you can even to use them as a springboard to more in-depth unit study on the topic of the month – just add some books and other activities and it can be a great time together. They would make fun and unique gifts for birthdays or holidays as well.

MyFUNvelope costs $18 a month. And, an added bonus? This company is Canadian too meaning that they offer free shipping across the country!

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Disclosure: We were sent a kit from MyFUNvelope to use for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion.

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