Homeschool Spelling Advice

Is spelling an important thing to teach in our homeschool? This month, some of the Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team shares their experiences with spelling.

The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team: Spelling

Jen – Reasons Why I Think Kids Should Learn To Spell

There are many life skills that are no longer required in public school as I learned that day in talking with her. Some of these are also not required in homeschool. They are required in MY school. One of these is spelling.

Alison – Spelling: Ditching What Doesn’t Work and Finding What Does

I must say that I was totally wrong in believing that a child who reads well, loves books and is exposed to quality literature will automatically spell well. When we began spelling in first grade with my oldest, it took me a little while to figure out that what we were doing wasn’t working for my daughter. Did she protest when I brought out her spelling book? No. Did she drag her heels and take forever to complete her work? No. Was she enjoying her lessons? Yes, she was. So what could possibly be the problem? While I want my children to enjoy their learning, a smiling face isn’t always the best indication of a successful learning experience. You see, learning has to actually happen!

Lisa – Spelling

Honestly, I haven’t really put much effort or thought into this … I have let this kind of happen on it’s own.

Bonnie – Tips for Teaching Spelling in Your Homeschool

I’ll readily admit I’m one of those word-geek types who loves spelling and anything related. This is a topic that has always come easily to me, but also one I think is very important. Spelling—and writing—is important for clear communication. It’s an academic skill that crosses over into a life skill for our children. Here are some ways that I help my girls with their spelling.

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