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mackenziekingWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King was Prime Minister of Canada for an astonishing 20 years. Although his personal life was plagued by loneliness and spiritualism, all which are documented in journals, as a leader, he successfully led the country during World War II, and created several lasting support systems such as old age pensions and unemployment insurance. He has been titled “Canada’s Greatest Prime Minister” by many.

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About His Life:

Mackenzie King – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Biography of Mackenzie King – a detailed and lengthy biography of Mr. Laurier’s life from childhood to death.

Mackenzie King – from ThoughtCo. – bullet points of his life and contributions to Canada’s betterment while Prime Minister.

The Diaries of Mackenzie King – from – article of why his diaries were released to the public and what they contained.

Mackenzie King – from wikipedia

Reference Books:

Library Call Number – 971.0622092


Colouring Page – from Crayola

Ghosts of Politics – article about Mackenzie King’s Spiritualism

The Diaries of Mackenzie King – online archive of his personal diaries

Mackenzie King: Public Life, Private Man  – a collection of radio and TV broadcasts from CBC about the political and personal life of Mackenzie King. Use the scrolling section on the right side of the page to watch and listen.

Mackenzie King and the Conscription Crisis – from the NFB. 30 minute video. “From the beginning of the Second World War in 1939, Mackenzie King tried to avoid conscription. Most English Canadians thought young men should be sent to fight, while most French Canadians vehemently disagreed. This same division had nearly torn the country apart during the First World War. King had to make a decision in the final year of the war. This docudrama combines archival footage with excerpts from The King Chronicles, a dramatic series written and directed by Donald Brittain. Some scenes contain graphic language.”

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