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DK Find Out - a learning website for curious mind

Kids are naturally curious learners and given the opportunity, will absorb information when it appeals to them. Here’s a great way to encourage both intentional and incidental learning.

New from DK is a creative new website called DK Find Out, designed to help kids learn neat facts and information such as volcanoes, animals, space, math, and much more. Using their distinctive style of vibrant, beautiful artwork and photography combined with short but very detailed text, the site is as appealing to the eye as it is to a curious young mind.

After poking around the site and spending some time on it with one of my boys, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. There is a lot of great information and learning on the site – a terrific addition to all our learning.

My 9 year old and I went through the solar system pages, as he loves studying space and for the entire fall season we studied it in-depth. Not only was it a good review of the lessons we’d done, but there were a lot of great opportunities to learn more and to see how much he’d retained from those studies. There were not only diagrams which show things like layers of the planets and sun, but full photos of things like Saturn’s moons. There’s a great 10 minute multiple choice quiz as well, which was fairly challenging. - a website that visually answers your questions of curiosity.

If you decide to add some of the¬†features from this site to your studies, you can create an account and make your own lesson plans. It’s easy to use – simply press the “add to plan” button and it includes that page to your lesson outline. I like this feature, but it makes your time on the site focused when it’s time to learn – instead of allowing the opportunity to get sidetracked by another topic.

I tried the website on both my laptop and my tablet to see how it worked. I’m excited that it looked great and worked fantastically on both platforms. The pictures were super sharp and bright. I am very impressed! This is a great website to add to my resource list to enhance our lessons.

Best of all, everything on this site is free!

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