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Richard B. Bennett was the Prime Minister of Canada during some very challenging years – the Great Depression. Most summaries of his life in politics refer to him as egotistical. Having made his own wealth, his policy on working hard to earn your income didn’t really sit well with the people who were struggling in this period of financial crisis. A last minute effort to try and appease the people with better economic support failed, with a new Prime Minister being elected shortly after. He retired to England, where he was given a title of nobility and lived the rest of his days.

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About His Life:

R.B. Bennett – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Biography of R.B. Bennett – a detailed and lengthy biography of Mr. Laurier’s life from childhood to death.

R.B. Bennett – from ThoughtCo.– bullet points of his life and contributions to Canada’s betterment while Prime Minister.

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Blaming the Prime Minister – from the People’s History of Canada.

Reference Books:

Library Call Number – 971.0623092


Colouring Page – from Crayola

Dear Mr. Prime Minister – R.B. Bennett personally answers many letters for families in need.

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