Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: Jean Chretien

Jean Chretien

Becoming Prime Minister in 1993 and staying in that position for 10 years, Jean Chretien helped Canada as a leader by working diligently to help balance the finances, offer a Child Tax Benefit, as well as environmental projects and more.

Notebooking Page

About His Life:

The Prime Ministers of Canada: Jean Chretien – an intro, biography and quick fact of his life.

A Quick Summary of Jean Chretien– by JJ. McCullough

Jean Chretien – The Canadian Encyclopedia

First Among Equals – Biography, Anecdotes, and Speeches

Jean Chretien – from – bullet points of his life and contributions to Canada’s betterment while Prime Minister.

Jean Chretien – from wikipedia

Reference Books:

Library Call Number – 971.0648092


Colouring Page – from Crayola

Jean Chrétien: From Pool Hall to Parliament Hill  – from CBC Digital Archives. A collection of radio and video segments featuring or about Prime Minister Chretui. Scroll through the collection on the right side of the page.

For Teachers: A Prime Minister’s Journal – from CBC Archives. For students in grades 6+ to analyse the life and experiences of Prime Minister Chretien and express them through creative writing, such as entries into a personal journal.



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