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Eighth in the line of leaders of Canada, Robert Borden became Prime Minister in 1911. During the 9 years he was head of the country, he helped lead Canada through the Great War, and the years that followed.

Seeing how much Canada contributed to the wars, he worked hard to establish an independence from Britain, allowing us to have a separate voice.

During his time in parliament, there was a fire in the centre block of the offices – of which he escaped, though singed.

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About His Life:

The Prime Ministers of Canada: Robert Borden an intro, biography and quick fact of his life.

A Quick Summary of Robert Borden – by JJ. McCullough

Sir Robert Borden – a short biographical video.

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Biography of Robert Borden – a detailed and lengthy biography of Mr. Laurier’s life from childhood to death.

First Among Equals – Biography, Anecdotes, and Speeches

Robert Borden – from – bullet points of his life and contributions to Canada’s betterment while Prime Minister.

Sir Robert Borden – from wikipedia

Robert Borden – from the War Museum.

Robert Borden – from Canada History. A biography including many photos.

Reference Books:

Library Call Number – 971.0612092


Colouring Page – from Crayola

Fire on the Hill! – About the fire in House of Parliament in 1916.

Remembering Robert Borden – from CBC Archives. Audio broadcast: Canada pays tribute to the wartime Prime Minister who passed away on June 10, 1937.

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