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When Brian Mulroney stepped down from office, Kim Campbell became the leader of the party, and ultimately the Prime Minister of Canada in June 1993. Her popularity amongst the voters was very high, which left her political party hopeful for a re-election in the fall of 1993. Unfortunately, her honesty and abruptness turned the voters against her, and she was brutally defeated by the opposition – making her time in office a mere 5 months.

Notebooking Page

About Her Life:

A Quick Summary of Kim Campbell– by JJ. McCullough

Kim Campbell – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Kim Campbell – from wikipedia

Reference Books:

Library Call Number – 971.0647092


Colouring Page – from Crayola

Kim Campbell, First and Foremost – from CBC Digital Archives. A collection of radio and video segments featuring or about Prime Minister Campbell. Scroll through the collection on the right side of the page.

For Teachers: Stop the Press! – from CBC Archives. Writing a fictitious press release from the office of the Prime Minister.

Kim Campbell – Official website.

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