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Teachers Pay Teachers – Diana Bailey

Diana Bailey is a retired teacher whose experiences took her into both Ontario and Quebec, teaching students from grades 7 through 12, and even some English as a second language programs. Her passion is Canadian politics and history, and this is reflected in her store on Teachers Pay Teachers, where she has over 170 products aimed […]

prime ministers of canada

Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: John Thompson

The fourth Prime Minister of Canada, John Thompson had been drawn into politics by Sir John A. Macdonald. After Sir John A’s death, Mr. Thompson chose not to be his successor, waiting until the seat became available after John Abbott’s term ended. During his time in government, he was a key part of the structuring […]

prime ministers of canada

Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: John Abbott

The third Prime Minister of Canada was John Abbott. A man who didn’t even like politics, he took over the leadership when Sir John A. died during his time in office. Although there isn’t a lot of information about him, he appears to have been a strong leader who managed to pull together a country […]

prime ministers of canada

Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: Alexander MacKenzie

Alexander MacKenzie was the second Prime Minister of Canada – leading the country from 1873 to 1878. A stonemason turned politician, his time in office came after Sir John A’s government’s scandal with the railroad building. There was financial hardship during Mr. MacKenzie’s leadership, and the still-new country struggled to find its footing and unity. […]

prime ministers of canada

Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: John A. MacDonald

Sir John A. MacDonald was the first Prime Minister of Canada. Although originally against the idea of Confederation – as soon as he was on board with the idea, he became a strong advocate which led to his first term as leader in 1867. During his time in office, Sir John A. made significant advances […]

prime ministers of canada

Prime Ministers of Canada Series

Did you know that Stephen Harper is the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada? How many of our former leaders can you name? I know, for me, I was quite surprised at how many I didn’t recognize at all. There are many names I just don’t know of that list of 22. So, I figured I’d […]

On The Mark Publishing

On The Mark Publishing started as S & S publishing by a Canadian primary school teacher named Ruth. She created lots of educational workbooks and materials specifically geared to Canadians. In 2005, the company merged with On The Mark, and today, their website has a HUGE list of Canadian subjects:

Young Prime Ministers

Canadian author, Roderick Benn, has a passion for bringing Canada’s historical leaders to life for young readers through his historical fiction novels – “Leaders & Legacies”. He hopes to draw kids to books and to make them more interested in our Canadian history – with adventure and excitement. Right now, there are two books in the series, […]

Canadian Prime Ministers

There is a lot of information available which showcases the American Presidents and it made me wonder what resources are available for Canadian’s about our Prime Ministers, especially as we head into an election. Here’s what I found.