Canadian Parliament

As Canadians, it’s important for us to be able to explain our government to our children in a way that make sense for them. Thankfully for us, Parliament offers a whole selection of amazing resources for teaching kids about Canada’s government.

Divided up into sections for various age levels, you can find complete lesson plans, worksheets, printables, videos and so much more.

For example, the primary range has a lesson plan about Canadian Symbols used in Parliament. To print out the complete resource, it would be a 112 page colour file! It includes a series of pre-activities which help children understand what makes a symbol and that they represent something. Then there’s the actual activities which cover things like our coat of arms, our provincial flowers, etc. The post-activities involve making their own symbols. There’s worksheets and colouring pages, and even information on a tour you can take of the Parliament buildings to go on a symbol hunt.

For the senior grades, there are videos on the Canadian senate, and lesson outlines which help you simulate a day in Parliament.

If you would like printed material, you can order a free Teacher’s Kit which includes a lot of print materials, booklets and brochures – covering topics such as the House of Commons, how Canadians govern themselves, and the Canadian senate. The Teacher’s kit only has 1 copy of each booklet, but you can order additional copies for more students, etc.

Teachers luck out too, with a great collection¬†of online copies of publications and other information in the Educator’s section. Here you can find out about our Governor Generals, see pictures of Parliament, find trivia and glossaries and more.

Don’t forget that Parliament offers tours as well, in case you live in or visit Ottawa, Ontario. (Or you can take a virtual tour if you don’t live close by.)

Lastly, you can shop online at the Parliament Boutique– where you can buy posters, books and much more online.

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