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Looking for a way to teach your kids about the Canadian government and how it works? Introducing Donna Ward’s new Canadian Government Series for kids ages 8 – 12 – presented as computer-based interactive modules based on the book “Who Runs This Country Anyway?” by Joanne Stanbridge.

Donna Ward - Guide to Canadian Government Modules


Newly revised for 2015, this book presents to kids a detailed (and fun) presentation about Canada’s government through the eyes of some fictional kids as a research project.

who runs this country anyway” In this info-packed book, a comical duo–a keener student and her offbeat sidekick–guide readers through the electoral and governing process, from casting a vote in an election, to passing a bill in Parliament, and all the points in between. Finding out about Canada’s government has never been so lively! Nine chapters take the reader through topics such as federalism, monarchy, Confederation and the BNA act, elections and voting, minority and majority governments, a day in the House of Commons, Question Period, and more.”

Dividing the book up into 15 lessons, Donna uses a PowerPoint style presentation to detail and explain the ideas behind how our government works.

Donna Ward Learning Module Outline

Once you order the modules, you will be given a unique code to use to get them from the resources section on Donna’s website. From there, you can open the guides and follow along.

At the beginning of each lesson, Donna has clearly laid out what you need to do in the book, as well as what that module is going to cover.

The lessons include both audio and visual lessons, as well as review quizzes and other interactive features. I liked that the quizzes were varied too – multiple choice questions, drag and drop, and pick the picture are some of the options. And there are both sound effects and pop-up message boxes to let you know if you are right or wrong.


I found the narrative very clear and easy to follow, with the navigation of the program used naturally intuitive – a simple next button. Even though I probably should be well-familiar with the governmental system, I’ll admit that even just checking out the first few modules taught me about more about how our government works. I’m interested in checking out the rest of the program as it becomes available.

You can order this guide from Donna’s website. It has two parts, which are sold separately. You also will need the book, Who Runs this Country Anyway? to go with it.

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