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Diana Bailey is a retired teacher whose experiences took her into both Ontario and Quebec, teaching students from grades 7 through 12, and even some English as a second language programs. Her passion is Canadian politics and history, and this is reflected in her store on Teachers Pay Teachers, where she has over 170 products aimed for students in the Grade 5-10 range.

Diana Bailey - Teachers Pay Teachers

“One of my most useful bundles for Canadian social studies teachers is simply called “Canada’s Government – Bundle of 3 Items”. The bundle is made of three separate products and it has tons of activities including:

The bundle consists of:

  1. “Canada’s Government”: Three texts and five activities about the structure of Canada’s government make up this unit. Three topics are covered: How Canada’s Government Works, Voting, and The Three Levels of Government in Canada (Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and Municipal).

The activities include reading comprehension questions and correcting incorrect information from the passage provided; filling in a Federal/Provincial/Municipal chart with the students’ local representatives and other information; a vocabulary list to complete and a fill-in-the-blanks activity – the latter two are about the process of voting.

  1. Government in Canada Bundle

    “Canada’s Government: Finding Our More… 10 Graphic Organizers and 40 Task Cards”. Ten topics are presented: Our System of Government, Our Head of State, Our Head of Government, The House of Commons, The Senate, The Federal Government, Provincial and Territorial Governments, Municipal Governments, Elections, and Citizenship.

The graphic organizers are designed for teachers to use as an introductory tool for the 10 topics included. The topics/questions included in the box and the circle on the graphic organizer pages can be used for discussion points – there is no answer key for these statements or questions. They can be used as research topics for the student as well and are designed to be flexible to suit the needs of the teacher.

The task cards can be used in a number of ways – in a centre with the cards cut out and laminated or photocopied as sheets for the students to work through, perhaps putting the pages of task cards and the answer recording sheets in a folder or binder.

  1. “Government in Canada – Vocabulary Activities: Democracy, The Parliamentary System, and the Three Levels of Government” includes 5 vocabulary sheets for students to complete along with two activity sheets for each of the 5 vocabulary lists.

There are five sections to this product: one about our system of government (democracy and the Parliamentary system), two sections on the federal government, and one each on provincial/territorial governments and municipal governments. The main focus is to familiarize students with the often difficult vocabulary that must be learned to understand how Canada functions as a political entity. There are in total 42 vocabulary words and terms, 10 in the first section, and 8 each in the other four.

All items include answer keys where applicable.

This product’s description is more detailed in her store and it can be found at: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Canadas-Government-Bundle-of-3-Items-838943

Be sure to check out all the great products available at Diana Bailey’s store on Teachers Pay Teachers and follow her Pinterest page.

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