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Jen from Runde’s Room is a Canadian teacher of 11 years who has spent her teaching career in grade 5-8 classrooms. She is a self-proclaimed enthusiast of technology in the classroom and has an extensive (and popular!) Teachers Pay Teachers store filled with all sorts of products.

Rundes Room - Teachers Pay Teachers

Math is a subject that really does well with tactile activities – learning with hands and objects, not just concepts and ideas.  That’s why the Interactive Math Journal available on Runde’s Room is a terrific resource.

Interactive Math Journal - Runde's RoomDesigned for students in Grades 4 – 8, Jen has managed to pull together a learning tool that takes all the expectations of the Ontario math curriculum and turns it around to the student to get them involved in their own learning. Using it with her own class helped to tweak and develop the program.

It’s a monstrous 165 pages and includes everything you need to create an in-depth math journal with your student:

  • how to encourage kids to personalize their journal
  • detailed overall how-to instructions
  • printable templates
  • a walk-through of each lesson
  • a list of both Ontario and Common Core Curriculum expectations and how the journals fulfill them
  • a traffic-light method of student-self evaluation
  • a year-end wrap up activity

In total, there are 38 journal entries to work through (including the wrap up lesson). Each consists of a left and a right page. The left side is all about the curriculum expectation, a “what I know” and “what I learned”section, and other reflective thinking about the ideas learned in that session. The right side is the actual activity – things like mini-books, cutting out and measuring shapes, learning fractions from a pizza, etc.

math journals

If you want to see the journal in action (plus some additional activity ideas), visit Runde’s Room blog where she shared what her class was doing and learning through the journals. While there, take some time to check out all the other amazing bloggy goodness that she’s written. Her blog is terrific.  

To find all the details, download a sample, or buy the resource, visit the listing in her store: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Interactive-Math-Journal-315177

Be sure to check out all the great products available at Runde’s Room Teachers Pay Teachers store and follow Runde’s Room on Facebook

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