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Natalie is an elementary school teacher in Ontario. Her store, Natalie’s Nook, is filled with all sorts of really cute language, math, social studies, and classroom organization resources.

Natalie's Nook Store - Teachers Pay Teachers

One of Natalie’s social studies products is her Communities Around the World social studies unit. It’s an astonishing 350+ pages long, and includes both a black & white and colour set for each page. Basically – you take a trip around the world, without leaving home!

First, you make a passport. Then you make a suitcase out of a file folder, take a look at the world map, and get travelling!

On your travels, you make stops in the following countries:

*Romania *new*

For each country, there are worksheets about key features like: language, flag, map, clothing, homes, animals, food, cool facts, plus a suitcase cover, luggage sticker and passport stamp.

There’s also a postcard from each country! Natalie has done a great job at incorporating language and writing development through the postcard section of her kit. There is great posters and pages that outline the key features and how-to’s of postcard writing.

Natalie's Nook - Communities of the World

For each stop on the journey, there’s also a craft – either an explanation and templates as needed, or links to a craft that matches. Very fun!

To find out more about this unit, download a preview, or buy a copy for yourself, visit: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Communities-Around-The-World-A-Social-Studies-and-Postcard-Writing-Unit-689644

Be sure to stop by Natalie’s Nook Teachers Pay Teachers Store to see all her products. She also has a blog, Natalie’s Nook, which shares her days as a teacher. Plus, you can follow her on Pinterest as well!

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