5 Days of Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores

Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores

Teachers are an amazingly resourceful and talented bunch of people. They come up with the most interesting and useful ways to teach children. It would be great to have access to their creativity in our homeschool classroom.

Introducing Teachers Pay Teachers – a virtual marketplace that offers a space for teachers to post and share their products for sale. With over 750,000 products on the site of varying subjects,  grade levels, and prices – there is definitely something for everyone.

What I love about TpT is that it’s intended to help teachers support each other – to help give them additional income for all the hard work and time they put into their lesson plan prep work and to applaud their ingenuity at creating something that encourages an attitude of learning with their students.

There are even a large selection of materials geared to homeschoolers (many by homeschoolers too!), and often teachers have included homeschooling as a grade level recommendation for their products.

The majority of the sellers available here are from American teachers, so I thought it would be fun to spend this week sharing some outstanding Canadian Teacher Pay Teachers stores and their products.

Each day this week, I’ll be featuring 1 or 2 stores along with at least one product they have for sale in their store. Here are the 6 stores I am excited to share with you:


5 Days of ... Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores

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21 thoughts on “5 Days of Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores”

  1. Shari Goss (@knitwitshair)

    Probably writing. But as I am not a homeschooler or a teacher, I don’t really have much resources at all. I am always looking for school work to do with my boys while they are home during the summer or PA days, and snow days.

  2. Geography and history would be the subjects where I find fewer helpful resources. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. We are currently using preschool materials for my son. And there is a lot of variety. Sometimes I wish there was more which catered to his interests 🙂

  4. I really like Teacher’s Pay Teachers. Discovered them at the beginning of the Homeschool Year and found some nice things to use in my Math display.

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