Hands-On Canadian History: Canadian Prime Ministers Guess Who Game

Want a fun and interactive way to learn the Canadian Prime Ministers? Here’s Guess Who!

Included are all currently 23 Prime Ministers and The Queen – a neat way to learn and recognize each of the leaders of Canada.

Hands-On Canadian History: Prime Ministers of Canada Guess Who Game

This game was designed to use in the {affiliate link} Guess Who board game from Hasbro. There are two editions included.

The first edition is for the original flip-up game board. Print out a page for each player, cut each card (including the white space underneath), and slide them into the flip ups. Play as usual.

The second is for with red and blue boards with yellow doors that attach together with a hinge and have cards that slide into the top. For this edition, simply print out the boards for each player, trim along the bottom, and insert into the board frame, on top of the game card that came with the tray. Follow the usual rules for the game of Guess Who.

NOTE: Select “no scaling” or uncheck the “Print to Fit” box in your print options window to make sure they print the correct size.

How To Play:

Each play has one card which they place in their Guess Who stand. All the doors remain open. Each player picks a Prime Minister. One at a time, players ask yes or no questions about features of their Prime Minister. “Is your Prime Minister bald?” “Is your Prime Minister a woman?” “Does your Prime Minister have a beard?” and so on. Close the doors of the people who do not meet the criteria of your question. (For example, if the answer to “Is your Prime Minister a woman?” is a no – close the window for Kim Campbell, since she won’t be the right person. After narrowing down the choices, a player can guess the other player’s Prime Minister to win.

As children get older and maybe more knowledgable about the various leaders of Canada, they might be able to ask more detailed questions like “Was your Prime Minister responsible for the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway?” or “Did your Prime Minister help create the Charter of Rights & Freedom?” and such (although…. that might narrow down the answers too much too quickly….)

Guess Who is a fun way to recognize the names and faces of the Canadian Prime Ministers. Enjoy!

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