Hands-On Canadian History: Great Canadians

Our history is full of amazing men and women who I would count as Great Canadians: important in their own right for a variety of reasons: excelling at sports, as movie or television stars or popular musicians, being activists, inventing things, or many other reasons.

Hands-On Canadian History: Great Canadians

Great Canadian Trading Cards

To help kids learn more about these people, I’ve made some easy printable trading cards.

  1. Print the printable. If you flip your page over, and run through the printer again, you can print two on a page.
  2. Cut out and glue the front and back together.
  3. On the front, draw or glue a picture of the person and add their name. (Like my stick people?! hehe)
  4. On the back, write some notes or paragraph about your Great Canadian.
  5. There’s a small circle on the back to put an icon about why that person is important – like a music note for a musician, or a spaceship for an astronaut, or whatever you think would be best.

Need some ideas? There’s a great list of some suggestions. (or this one.)


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