Hands-On Canadian History: Canadian Prime Ministers Guess Who Game

Want a fun and interactive way to learn the Canadian Prime Ministers? Here’s Guess Who! Included are all currently 23 Prime Ministers and The Queen – a neat way to learn and recognize each of the leaders of Canada. This game was designed to use in the {affiliate link} Guess Who board game from Hasbro. There […]

Charter for Children Book Series

Published by DC Canada, the Charter for Children book series makes the Charter of Canadian Rights and Freedoms more personal and understandable through stories of lovable cartoon characters such as Anne of Green Tomatoes, Alexander the Grape, and Thanadel the Canadian Goose. Based in different provinces and territories across Canada, these stories take a small […]

Canadian Federal Elections Worksheet Pack {Printable}

As Canada prepares for a federal election this month, here is a pack to help older students go behind the election. Inside you will find worksheets and activities on the following: The Federal Government and the current Prime Minister A closer look at the political parties, their names, logos, and stands on issues What the issues […]

Federal Elections in Canada

As we gear up for our Federal elections, I had a few requests for material on how the system works, etc. So, I’ve put together a collection of resources I found. The best resource for election material is at www.elections.ca – where you can find out information not just for kids, but for yourself too! […]

Donna Ward - Guide to Canadian Government Modules

Donna Ward – Canadian Government Series

This post contains affiliate links. Looking for a way to teach your kids about the Canadian government and how it works? Introducing Donna Ward’s new Canadian Government Series for kids ages 8 – 12 – presented as computer-based interactive modules based on the book “Who Runs This Country Anyway?” by Joanne Stanbridge.   Newly revised […]

Canadian Parliament

As Canadians, it’s important for us to be able to explain our government to our children in a way that make sense for them. Thankfully for us, Parliament offers a whole selection of amazing resources for teaching kids about Canada’s government. Divided up into sections for various age levels, you can find complete lesson plans, […]

Prime Ministers of Canada Notebooking Pages

If you are studying the Prime Ministers of Canada and want your child to take some note, here are some notebooking pages. Each page includes a space to print and paste a photo, and places to fill in important information such as date of birth, when they were Prime Minister, what political party they were […]

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Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: Stephen Harper

The 22nd, and current, Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper has been in office since 2006. Notebooking Page About His Life: The Prime Ministers of Canada: Stephen Harper – an intro, biography and quick fact of his life. A Quick Summary of Stephen Harper – by JJ. McCullough Stephen Harper – The Canadian Encyclopedia First Among Equals – Biography, […]

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Prime Ministers of Canada Resources: Paul Martin

Paul Martin was a successful Minister of Finance before he was elected to Prime Minister. With hopes of a major change and plans to better the government, he headed into his new position. Unfortunately, his time in leadership was clouded with scandal and public disapproval, leaving him with an election that removed him from office. […]