Teach Your Kids About ... Vikings

Teach Your Kids About … Vikings

The Vikings were a fierce, strong, and very interesting people from the Northlands. Here are some great resources to help you teach your children more about them. Lesson Plans Classroom Activity from The National Museum of Ireland– activity sheets for the Grade 3 to 6 level Primary History: The Vikings from BBC – lessons, activities …

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Teach your kids about theUnderground Railroad

Teach Your Kids About … the Underground Railroad

The escape of the slaves from the southern states was a dangerous journey as they headed north on the Underground Railroad – a secret network of people who opposed slavery and helped the fugitives make their way to Canada, where they could live free. Below are some learning resources to discover more on this period …

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the history book

The History Book

Just because it’s History doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.  At least that seems to be the motivation behind DK Canada’s The History Book. This book is “a trip through history from the stone age to the digital age” and it used a variety of fun and creative ways to do that. This book …

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Free Kindle Ebooks – Canadian History Books

Did you know that Amazon has a huge collection of Canadian history books that you can download for free? Included in the 70+ books are The Chronicles of Canada – a series of Canadian history written in 32 parts during the early part of the 1900s , and the life experiences of one Susanna Moodie. Free …

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Little Red's Treehouse

Little Red’s Schoolhouse

Canadian sisters Kristen and Katie – one a former ESL teacher, the other a graphic designer – decided to team up and make some very cute and educational products for their fellow educators. That teamwork has resulted in their company, Little Red’s Schoolhouse – where you can find all sorts of goodies and educational materials …

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Terry Fox Statue

Terry Fox

Early in the 1980s, a young Canadian man named Terry Fox raised over $24million for cancer research by running across the Maritimes, Quebec and most of Ontario – with the intention of going all the way. As a teen, one of his legs had been amputated due to bone cancer, meaning that run across Canada …

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Professor Noggin

I have a challenge for you. See how many of the following questions you can answer: 1. Jeanne Sauve was the first female to hold what office? 2. What fur-trading company, founded in 1670, is the oldest existing company in Canada? 3. What is Craigellachie? 4. What did Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover in …

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On The Mark Press

On The Mark Press started as S & S publishing by a Canadian primary school teacher named Ruth. She created lots of educational workbooks and materials specifically geared to Canadians. In 2005, the company merged with On The Mark Press, and today, their website has a HUGE list of Canadian subjects:

black history month canada

Black History Month

February has been designated Black history month, and we have a rich history here in Canada. Here’s some great resources to learn more. Black History Canada has a large amount of information – from timelines, to famous names in arts and culture, to a printable educational quiz, to summaries of key events in black history. …

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