Canadian History Task Cards From Creek Edge Press

Creek Edge Press: Canadian History Task Cards

Looking for a fun and interactive way to learn about Canadian history with your kids? I invite you to check out these Canadian History Task Cards from Creek Edge Press. Amy sent me digital copy of the set to check them out. These cards are designed for students from grade K through 8, allowing you […]

31 Days of Canadian History Book

Canadian history has a habit of being presented in a way that tends to be boring and dry. But, underneath the facts and dates, there are actually some amazing  or shocking stories in our past – both good and bad. Most available programs are text and living book / historical fiction focused, which is a […]

Discover Canadian History with Donna Ward's Courage & Conquest

Courage & Conquest: Discovering Canadian History

Journey through the history of Canada with Donna Ward‘s book, Courage & Conquest, a 30 lesson chronological study from the First Nations people through to the creation of Nunavut. Designed for students ages 8 through 12, each of the lessons includes a reading passage, study questions, and lists of appropriate resources such as: fiction and non-fiction […]

Classroom Lesson Plans, designed by teachers in Ontario, on Science and Social Study subjects for Grades 1 - 8.

Curriculum Planner Units 1-8

Looking for some preset lessons on a variety of different grade level subjects? Here is a collection of teacher-created unit lesson plans for subjects such as science, history, social studies, and more for Grades 1 through 8. Based on the Ontario curriculum, each lesson is written for a classroom setting, and includes teaching goals, how […]

Creating History - A Canadian high school history course

Creating History

Homeschooled high school students looking for a program in Canadian history or social studies might want to consider looking at Creating History. Designed by Canadian teacher and history enthusiast, Mike Zeitsma, this history program covers WWI to 2000, and involves listening to lectures to take guided notes, watching videos, reading articles, referencing a website that explores maps […]

Readings in Canadian History

Learning history through living books that bring history to life through the eyes of a character who is part of the experience, really helps kids to see what that time frame of history was like, instead of just reading about it in a text book. Although it’s perfectly possible to work through a list of […]

Modern History Through Canadian Eyes

As a Canadian homeschool family, we love to learn about our country’s history. Living in the “Birthplace of Confederation”, we see history all around us and this past year we celebrated the 150th anniversary (sesquicentennial) of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. Before moving to Prince Edward Island, we lived in Ontario and we did a formal […]

Veritas Press - Middle Ages

Veritas Press

What I reviewed: Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation What is it? A self-paced online history course Who is it for? Students in 2nd to 6th grade How much is it? $199 Where can I find it? http://www.veritaspress.com/ Tell me more: Veritas Press offers online courses based on a Classical Christian approach to learning. There […]

Canadian Unsolved Mysteries

Everyone loves a good mystery, and the lure to be the next Sherlock Holmes is hard to resist. What if you could help solve a Canadian mystery from long ago? Check out Great Unsolved Mysteries of Canadian History – a website dedicated to getting research together to solve some “cold” case mysteries like: Where is Vinland? […]