Courage & Conquest: Discovering Canadian History

Journey through the history of Canada with Donna Ward’s book, Courage & Conquest, a 30 lesson chronological study from the First Nations people through to the creation of Nunavut.

Discover Canadian History with Donna Ward's Courage & Conquest

Designed for students ages 8 through 12, each of the lessons includes a reading passage, study questions, and lists of appropriate resources such as: fiction and non-fiction books, map references, time period, video suggestions, black & white artwork, and extension ideas for further exploring. In addition to this, Donna’s website offers links to lesson-related websites.

For videos, Donna’s program relies heavily upon the series Canada, a People’s History, many of which can be found on YouTube or as DVDs at your local library.

Her exhaustive list of fiction and non-fiction books are painstakingly labelled with information to know if they are out of print or available for purchase. She’s even gone one step further to present the option of buying this curriculum book in a variety of bundles that include many of the resources suggested.

In the back of the book, you will find a reproducible set of timeline cards so you can make your own timeline.


This program doesn’t approach teaching with a “Do this, do this, then do this.” approach but more of “here are the resources for this topic – go explore and learn.” allowing you the freedom to read, discover, and research each lesson as you see fit. It would be easy to stretch this program into a full year, diving deep into the living books suggested, or to alternatively use this as a quick unit study to just touch on the various points of Canadian history.

Available in both a digital and a paperback edition, Courage & Conquest can be found on Donna Ward’s website.



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