Teach Your Kids About … Bridges

Bridges are amazing feats of engineering and a great logic challenge for your children designers. Here are some resources to help teach them more about bridges and how they work.

Teach Your Kids About Bridges
Golden Gate Bridge from Shutterstock

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  • The Bridge Site – this site has an extremely huge list of resources and references, fun activities, and more.
  • Bridges in Canada – a list with some pictures of really neat bridges across Canada (and some that are in the US)
  • 15 Most Famous Bridges of the World 
  • SuperBridge – from PBS Nova, based on a video of the same name. Includes an interactive section to investigate types of bridges and make a decision on which kind to make for the space available. Teacher’s resources have a building challenge and suggestions from other educators.
  • Building Big – a reference site that teaches about spans, types of bridges, famous bridges and more.

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