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Of all the resources that have been recommended to me, I’ve heard this name the most.

Donna Ward.

Now, I have to admit… I’m a little biased because Donna was my youth pastor’s wife while I was in high school and I love her to pieces. Of COURSE I think that she’s amazing. 🙂 Donna worked on these books while being a pastor’s wife, dealing with all us crazy teens in the youth group, and homeschooling 4 kids. I can’t even imagine how she functioned. But she did – because she really felt that there was a growing need for Canadian educational tools.

She must have been right, because there has to be a reason for all the raving reviews! 🙂

Designed for early grades, this curriculum includes 27 minimal preparation required lesson plans and covers maps, people, basics of Canadian government structures and more. Includes reproducible worksheets.
This is a study in the chronological history of Canada from settlement to Confederation. Reinforced with a timeline and extensive reading lists. Available in bundles with co-ordinating resources.
An in-depth look at the seven First Nations communities of our past. Providing extended learning materials, suggestions and ideas.
An educational journey across Canada, studying each province along the way.


In addition to these curriculum books, Donna has provided links to great websites and materials that supplement various topics of each book. 
And, thanks to her monthly newsletter, you can find some other great resources, like pretend passports and country stickers for a world travel/exploration event or study, how to make map cookies, printable map outlines and more. Visit Northwoods Press for all these and more.

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