5 Ways To Store Your Board Games

5 ways to Store Board GamesMy kids love board games, and they really are a great way to learn. Unfortunately, they also have big boxes that take up a lot of space, are hard to pull out when stacked on each other and little pieces that like to disappear. It’s frustrating. So, I put out the call for help. The board game collection had taken over my school shelves, extra shelves in the hallway, and the top of a speaker in the living room. I needed a better way to store them so they would be usable without taking over the house.

1. Store them on their side. Maybe I’m the only person who never thought of this, but putting the games on their side makes them much easier to pull out, use and put away! It means that instead of a pile, you have a library style collection of board games. If you have a box that keeps popping open, use an elastic band around the middle.

2. Store them in zippered bags. Toss the boxes and put the rest into zippered bags then put the bags in a large bin. This gets rid of all that extra box space. Label the game board so it’s easy to find the one that you need. You can even use a binder with page protectors to put in every game instruction sheet for quick reference.

3. Store them in picture frames. Framing the board and then zipper bagging the pieces on the back makes a colourful and creative way to decorate a games room. For some great instructions on how to make your own frames, etc – visit Infarrently Creative.net’s tutorial.

4. Dedicate a space. I’ve seen some amazing photos of closets with floor to ceiling board game collections. If I had the space, I would love to do this! Another idea is a chest, the kind with a hinged top, where you can put games in and out as needed and store closed and fashionable when not in use. Or, if you don’t have that big a collection, you can clear off a shelf on the book case that will be just for games.

5. Use tote boxes/plastic shelves.  One of the downsides to board games is that their boxes are all different sizes, making them hard to pile up. Using the same bins for each one makes it neat, and easy to grab. You know those stacking plastic drawers – they could work! In fact, if you have the right size, you can put the board and game pieces in the same drawer and then just pull out the drawer at game time. Just make sure to have your label maker ready so you know what game is which.

Do you have any creative ways to store your games? Show us!

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  1. If you store them in bags you can use trouser coathangers to hang them. (This is how our uni library stores all the school resources for teaching students to access).

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