High School Electives for Homeschoolers: A Huge Resource List

High School is a time for youth to explore a variety of topics and experiences as they attempt to discover what things interest them for their future. It’s an opportunity to study topics beyond the basic core that might not have been covered yet or to get more in-depth with a specific subject. Here are […]

High School Homeschooling Planner {Printable}

As our family heads into a new adventure of preparing for high school homeschooling, I’ve been feeling pretty confused and overwhelmed. I know it’s the usual “something new and unknown” that’s nagging me, but it still feels so big and scary. Knowing that I don’t really have any idea what we’re going to do, I thought […]

Creating History - A Canadian high school history course

A High School Canadian History Course for Homeschoolers: Creating History

This post contains affiliate links. Homeschooled students looking for a program for high school Canadian history or social studies might want to consider looking at Creating History. I originally reviewed this program back in 2015 and am now updating this review in early 2018 with the changes to the program that have been made since […]

Homeschooling Through High School: A Testimonial

Homeschooling through high school … those words together seem to strike fear into the hearts of moms everywhere. I mean, sure— you could teach them to read, and to do regular math, and social studies… resources are everywhere, and it’s, like, the easy stuff! But seriously, algebra? economics? chemistry? Shakespeare? Or maybe, the kids have […]

high school at home

How I Completed High School at Home: A Testimonial

I graduated from high school in 2002 as a homeschool student. Except for writing a few exams, I hadn’t stepped foot in a public school since Kindergarten. Back then, there were limited options for homeschoolers, and my choice of secondary education was often looked upon with doubt. I’ve never regretted completing high school at home […]

Emerging Entrepreneur

Running a business – especially the financial side – offers a lot of hands-on, life skill opportunities for students of all ages. Learning the foundations to be successful is important. That’s why I recommend The Emerging Entrepreneur by Leanne Seel, CPA – a curriculum that teaches how to become an entrepreneur in Canada for youth. Leanne […]

The Most Important Word to Remember as You Homeschool High School: Proactive

The Most Important Word to Remember as You Homeschool High School

“Homeschooling through high school”- just speaking those words out loud can strike fear and trembling in the most seasoned homeschooling parent. It all seemed so simple when you were teaching phonics and math and doing science experiments in the backyard. Time flies by and all of a sudden you are there, or almost there, and […]

Homeschooling in Highschool & University Admissions Information

One of the questions I’m asked the most is if I’m planning to keep homeschooling through high school. I think most people wonder if students homeschooled through high school and don’t have the official diploma can actually go to University. Well, have no fear! Sarah is here! Sarah Rainsberger calls herself the “homeschool guidance/university admissions counselor.” […]

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: A First Hand Experience

I, Mark, first heard about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award from my Air Cadet Squadron I was in. After hearing about it I came home and told my sister, Jacqueline, she loved the idea of it too! So we decided to work on it together to be able to motivate and help each other along […]