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Running a business – especially the financial side – offers a lot of hands-on, life skill opportunities for students of all ages. Learning the foundations to be successful is important. That’s why I recommend The Emerging Entrepreneur by Leanne Seel, CPA – a curriculum that teaches how to become an entrepreneur in Canada for youth.

The Emerging Entrepreneur Course - how to become an entrepreneur in Canada for youth

Leanne is a Canadian, homeschooling mom as well as a certified accountant with a passion for teaching others about money sense.

Designed for middle school to high school, this course walks students through the world of business in a very thorough but not too overwhelming set of lessons. There are three distinct books for this program – the main text and two workbooks – one a set of case studies and the other personal business planner which your child will use to go through the steps and experience of creating their own business.

A digital book set, I printed out the main text and the case study and got them bound together but printed the workbook to put in a duotang alone. I like that there is a separate workbook for your own personal business ideas because it is like a business plan that you can Take with you as you go around. It is nice to be able to keep it separate.

First, they will come up with a realistic and functional idea, and build on making that business a financial and successful reality.

I love all the detailed questions that the opening study makes your child think and research while getting started about what they would like to do as a business and why. I also appreciate that Leanne makes sure to introduce, include, and explain correct business and financial terminology such as revenue and expenses, goods and services,  etc.

When my oldest son was 11 years old, he started his own business in order to earn himself enough money to buy his own tablet. Many of the discussions we had as he prepped to kick things off are covered right away. It was a great refresher as to the hows and whys of what he was doing and gave us the chance to re-evaluate his business goals and ideas. It also offered us the opportunity to look at his future plans for other things.
Son working on his bead business as a young entrepreneur

Once the student has come up with a plan for a business and figured out if and how they can make money with their idea, they work through some ideas for marketing their plan – deciding out what will work best for their cost and effectiveness and then evaluate time management.

Then comes a unique approach to teaching students about taxes. Leanne presents it all as a “choose your own adventure” module, allowing students to learn expressly what their province/territory requires. It’s a great idea. Each section is broken down into specific examples and math so you can see exactly the how and what. It was a little complex for my little business man, but we will be reapproaching it again when he’s older. I like that it’s a great reference for ME – as an adult who runs her own business.

Leanne has done a great job at creating a course that is not only theoretical but also completely hands-on and applicable. It is thorough, detailed, and yet – not so much that you get overwhelmed. In my opinion, it’s probably the best guide to how to become an entrepreneur in Canada for youth – a great skill for our kids to learn.

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