Homeschooling Gives Me Freedom to Follow My Passions

Hi – My name is Tanmay Bakshi, I’m 12 years old, I’m in the 7th grade, and I live just outside of Toronto, in Brampton, Canada. I loved my parents’ decision to homeschool me, because, well, I now have flexibility with my schedule. I can learn at my own pace, not too slow, or even fast; and this gives me time to work on my other interests.

Tanmay Bakshi - Table Tennis

By the way, apart from the regular school subjects, I am very passionate about computer programming! I have been programming since the age of 5. Though it has not been very long since my homeschooling started, I can say for sure that not only am I able to spend the time I need to create apps and software, but I am also able to focus on my YouTube channel. I’m going to share the connection between my being a homeschooler and my YouTube channel. This is a part of my weekly homework routine wherein either people from anywhere in the world send me their questions related to math, science, and computers, or I myself pick up a project, research and work on it and create a YouTube tutorial as my project report.

Tanmay Bakshi - Sharing Knowledge

When it comes to creating new apps, I try to integrate my homeschooling with the usage of the apps. Just for instance, recently, I created the “I Can, We Can!” app. This app is a special youth focussed app. I specially chose to create this app so that it can help the youth keep track of their routine, set goals, track them, and record achievements. Me and my parents use it, and it is a wonderful tool! My parents work very hard and play my teachers’ roles too, therefore, this app is very helpful when it comes to monitoring my progress.

Most importantly, I get to work on my book, which I’ve been writing for quite some time now, and it will essentially be a tool for kids, and beginners, to learn iOS App Development in Apple Swift! Homeschooled kids will REALLY be able to benefit, and learn coding at their own pace, using this book. I will make sure that I help each and everyone who contacts me with any questions or problems. The book will be released early-2017, but an early-access online-copy of the book will be available mid- or early-June 2016.

Tanmay Bakshi - Software Developer. Age 12.

As part of my homeschooling, I also go on quite a few field trips, with my family, which is very fun! The most recent ones include my going to the “CN Tower”, and “Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto”. Also, thanks to homeschooling, I use my “Conference Trips” as “Field Trips”! Being invited by IBM as a keynote speaker in Las Vegas for a tech conference, Interconnect 2016, was fun, because I was able to do my presentations on all the three days of the conference, and have lots of fun at the same time! Visiting Dunkin’ Donuts and Hershey’s Chocolate World were some of my favourite parts of the trip.

Finally, I’d like to conclude, that my experience of being homeschooled, has been amazing, since I’ve been able to learn and achieve, so many more new things, visit wonderful places, and meet great new people! Not only would I love to keep sharing my knowledge, and experience, with the entire homeschooling community, but would love to get to know about other homeschoolers’ experiences and learn from them as well!

Everyone, including my homeschool community, are always welcome to contact me if they’d like to, on my twitter, @TajyMany, and my YouTube Channel.

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