A Word From The Students

When we talk about homeschooling, parents often talk about the pros and the cons, the reasons they homeschool, what that looks like in their family, the curriculum they use, etc. But – a key thing is missing….. what do the KIDS think of being homeschooled? This month, The Canadian Homeschool Blogging Team asked their kids to share.

The Homeschool Student Voice
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Bonnie – Two Homeschool Students Share Their Experience

Here’s what Lily and Sunshine had to say when I asked them about being homeschool students.

Crystal – Things I Love About Homeschooling – From a 5-Year-Old

I thought it would be interesting for the children to write down what they love about their homeschooling experiences. Today I’m sharing Kallista’s project, Things I love about Homeschooling, from the perspective of a 5-year-old.

Andrea – The Student Voice – Thoughts from a Homeschooling Graduate

I am no different than a kid who spent his days in a bricks and mortar school. I have my own interests, and I have met a lot of people who weren’t home schooled who share the same views. I’m not a weirdo, and if you passed me in the streets, there’s no way you would guess I was home-schooled unless I told you. I’m a normal person. Homeschoolers are normal. I have no regrets for being home-schooled my whole life.


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