french essentials

French Essentials

French is a hard subject to find the perfect curriculum for. There are a lot of options available, but not all of them are the best or offer fully rounded learning. Personally, I’ve been impressed by French Essentials. Created by a Francophone family based out of Quebec, this program offers a computer-based learning experience that […]

Incorporating French in your Homeschool

Incorporating French Into Your Homeschool

French has got to be one of the most difficult subjects to incorporate into homeschooling. Math, language arts, and science curriculum options seem endless, but with French, there isn’t as much out there. So, what’s a homeschooler to do? First, figure out your goal. Do you want your kids to be fully bilingual when they […]

Petra Lingua – An Online Language Program Review

Petra Lingua is a program to help teach kids a second language. They currently offer programs in six languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, presented in the form of videos, online multiple choice questions, downloadable activity books and flashcards, and audio exercises. If you have a young learner who is just starting to learn a […]


Covering French as a second language for students in grades 4 through 7, The Complete FrenchSmart series from Popular Book Company Ltd combines both the basics of learning French through lessons on important basics such verbs and vocabulary and following it up with a whole section of stories and questions to build comprehension. To give […]

Where to find French Language Materials

One challenge that parents who are homeschooling their children either with French as a first language or even French Immersion is finding the materials to use. After I got another email asking for help with this need, I sent out a message to the community at large and am excited by the number of great […]

french sing and learn

French Sing and Learn – Using Music to Learn French

How do you teach French in your homeschool? Do you do the typical hear, speak, read, write method? Leanne Seal, a Canadian homeschooling mom, has a great blog called Frenglish Learning – where she’s been compiling French language resources for the beginner to advanced French language learner. One of the unique methods that Leanne uses […]

French / English Vocab Cards {Printable}

If you want to bring French vocabulary into your home, here are some cards to help you succeed at introducing and reviewing a variety of words. Learning the foundations of another language can be a little challenging, so I thought these cards would help with developing the understanding of object names. These French vocabulary cards include […]

french essentials

French Essentials

What is it? Downloadable French curriculum for homeschoolers from French Essentials Who is it for? Grades 4-12 How much does it cost? $69.95/module or $149.99 for full access Where is it? Tell me more: French is a hard subject to find the perfect curriculum for – so I’ve been learning from my fellow Canadian homeschoolers who are […]

Middlebury Interactive Languages - French

Middlebury Interactive Languages

What I reviewed: Elementary French Course from Middlebury Interactive Languages What is it? Online language course Who is it for? Variety of courses in multiple languages for grades ranging K – 12 How much is it? $119US per semester Tell me more: Middlebury offers online languages courses in French, Chinese, German and Spanish for students in a variety of grades […]