31 Days of Canadian History Book

Canadian history has a habit of being presented in a way that tends to be boring and dry. But, underneath the facts and dates, there are actually some amazing  or shocking stories in our past – both good and bad.

Most available programs are text and living book / historical fiction focused, which is a great way to learn, but as a huge fan of hands-on learning, I created a series of hands-on history lessons to take those books to the next level of fun. I did these lessons within a 31-day challenge, so there are 31 activities, spanning from the First Nations to today.  There are board games, crafts, models, recipes, matching games, movement, deep thinking, and more.

Here are the topics covered:

  1. First Nations
  2. Vikings
  3. Early Explorers
  4. Fur Trade
  5. New France31-days-of-hands-on-canadian-history-cover
  6. Seven Years War
  7. War of 1812
  8. Rebellion of 1837
  9. Underground Railroad
  10. Confederation
  11. When the Provinces/Territories Joined Canada
  12. The Canadian Railroad
  13. Louis Riel / The Metis
  14. Klondike Gold Rush
  15. Residential Schools
  16. Boer War
  17. World War I
  18. Halifax Explosion
  19. Women’s Rights
  20. The Bluenose
  21. Inventors
  22. The Great Depression
  23. World War II
  24. Japanese Internment Camps
  25. St. Lawrence Seaway
  26. The Canadian Flag
  27. Official Languages
  28. Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  29. Canadian Money
  30. Great Canadians
  31. The Prime Ministers of Canada

After the challenge was over and I’d shared all the activities, I was asked to compile them into a single file that included the instructions and all printables together. So here it is! I’ve even added some links to more resources on the topics and an additional printable for the money lesson to make it all easy and ready to use.

These activities are perfect to use in partnership with your more traditional history program (such as Donna Ward’s Courage & Conquest.) I tested them all at home with my own kids, ranging in age from 3 years to 12 years old. With the exception of a few of the activities, you can include everyone in the fun.

The goal of this series was to make Canadian history fun, relevant, and interactive – instead of just something you hear about in a book or see in a video.

Now available in my shop.

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