Teach Your Kids About … Vikings

The Vikings were a fierce, strong, and very interesting people from the Northlands. Here are some great resources to help you teach your children more about them.

Teach Your Kids About ... Vikings

Lesson Plans

  • Viking Lesson Plans from the Viking Network Ireland – Five lessons about vikings, longships, sagas and settlements.
  • Time Warp Trio: Vikings – based on the TV Show, Time Warp Trio, lesson plans about the main characters’ adventures in the viking period.
  • Primary History: The Vikings from BBC – lessons, activities and games about the vikings, including teacher resources.
  • Vikings: Sea Raiders, Land Raiders from Discovery Education – for grades 6 – 8
  • The Vikings from PBS.org – Lessons and resources.
  • Viking Lesson Plans from CoreKnowledge – PDF lessons about the Vikings, mostly for 3rd grade. Includes Leif Ericsson, discovering how they are misunderstood, their contributions to history, sagas, and more.
  • Vikings Co-op Lessons from HighHill Homeschool – what one group did week by week to teach their kids about vikings.
  • Exercises from the Viking Ship Museum – lessons and activities related to viking life and times from the ship museum in Norway

Worksheets, Notebooks, and Lapbooks

Crafts & Activities

Online Games & Activities

Other Resources

  • Jorvik Viking Centre – an in-person Viking village in York, England. Online resources include the option for a virtual visit through Skype, and printables such as colouring pages, information sheets and other activities. Site has lots of detailed information about “who were the Vikings.”
  • Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – based on a travel museum exhibit, includes an interactive viking voyage, teachers’ resources, and more.
  • The Vikings Answer Lady – A comprehensive information website about the life and times of the Vikings
  • Clothing the Viking Age – detailed information about the clothing for men and women
  • How to make Viking Musical Instruments – how to make pipes, whistles, drums and horn bugle
  • Viking Recipe Book 



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    1. I did a short unit with my kids on the vikings recently. It’s definitely a way fun topic! If we ever get involved with our local SCA (medieval re-enactment group), we are thinking of being vikings. 🙂

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