Animal Classification {Printable} – A Matching Game

The challenge of this game is to learn about various animal classification. They have been divided up into 6 groups – Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Fish, Birds, and Insects. All you have to do is match them up! How to play: First, divide up your board (which can be a table, the floor, a poster board, […]

Video Game Review Worksheet

If your kids are anything like mine (aka video game junkies), you might wonder how in the world to use their passion for something good instead of just mindlessness. After much mulling it over, I thought that encouraging their love of gaming to help them learn the art of reviewing and critiquing would be a […]

Pet Care Printables

Pets Worksheets {printable}

Pets can be an important part of a family. Whether it’s something small – like a hampster, or something huge, like a dog, they all seem to have a special place in our hearts. This printable helps you research more about pets and pet care. Inspired by my son’s attempt to work on his Cub […]

Garbage Sorting Game {Printable}

Want to teach your child about how to sort the garbage in your home? Here’s a game to help you out. Print and cut out each card. Using cardstock will make the more durable. You can even laminate or cover the cards in clear shelf paper to keep them longer and reusable. Using the long cards […]

LEGO Challenge Cards {Printable}

Do your kids love LEGO? Then they will love these LEGO challenge cards! LEGO Challenge Cards Building things from LEGO is a popular past-time for curious kids, but even the most creative kids sometimes need ideas to jumpstart their building sessions. Introducing these LEGO Challenge cards! With just over 250 cards to choose from, your […]

Dinosaurs Cards {Printable}

Kids seem to love dinosaurs. So I’ve made these fun trading card style printables for those passionate young potential paleontologists. Each card consists of an image, the dinosaur’s name and meaning, what they ate, some of their main characteristics, what time period they are from, their size, and what animal order they fall under. There is more […]

Bird Observation Journal {Printable}

If you are a fan of observing nature, you will like today’s printable – a bird observation journal. If you print two per page, you can staple or bind them to make a little book. Take a photo or draw a picture of the birds you see. Take notes about where and when you saw […]