Garbage Sorting Game {Printable}

Want to teach your child about how to sort the garbage in your home? Here’s a game to help you out.

Teach your child about how to properly sort garbage.



Print and cut out each card. Using cardstock will make the more durable. You can even laminate or cover the cards in clear shelf paper to keep them longer and reusable.

Using the long cards as the pile markers, encourage your child to think critically about which kind of waste each picture is: garbage, recycling, compost, or special.

*Recycling: Glass, Metal, Cardboard and paper, and Plastics.
*Compost: Food Scraps
*Special: Electronics and Batteries
*Garbage: Anything else.

If your community sorts their garbage differently, adapt this game as needed. I’ve included a few extra squares for you to glue additional clip art pictures too, if you want more options.

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