ABC-123 Stacking Circles Game

One skill that early learners are working on is letters and numbers. Learning in a way that is fun and tactile can make these concepts really stick, so here’s a hands-on game you can use.

ABC-123 Stacking Circles Game - learn letters and numbers with a simple hands-on activity

This printable consists of a full set of lower case and upper case letters, pictures of things that start with each letter of the alphabet, numerals and number words, along with the accompanying number of dots.

Cut out the strips. You can use them flat, if you prefer, or you can curl each one into a circle and tape or staple them to stay that way. If you use them as circles, you can stack them on top of each other (although they often can end up lopsided.)

You can also curl them into different sized circles, making the capital letters the widest, lower case a bit smaller to sit inside them, and images the smallest to fit inside that.

Some ways you can use this printable:

  • Print out one case of letters – either upper or lower case, and practice letter recognition and alphabetical order. Practice the idea of a name sound and a phonetic sound.
  • Using the circles, get your child to put them onto something that starts with that letter.
  • Add the images and stack them on top of the letter it begins with.
  • Print both sets of letters and match the upper case to the lower case set.
  • Use the letters to make simple words – like c-a-t and d-o-g, or your child’s name.
  • Print out the numbers and match them to the appropriate dots and / or number words.
  • Use the number word circles with some manipulatives (like noodles, beans, or bread tabs) – get your child to put the right number of items within the circle.

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