Homeschool Methods: An Introduction

Both when you first start homeschooling and all the way through your adventure, you will likely think about the concept of homeschool methods a few times. Homeschooling offers the opportunity to approach learning and teaching differently than the traditional school system. There are lots of educational methodologies that we can choose from – even that we can mix and match from – to provide a very well rounded, thorough learning experience for our child.

Homeschool Methods: A 10-Day Series
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In this 10 day series, we’re going to take the time to look at the most common homeschooling methods. We’ll dive into the roots of each, along with definitions, discovering what homeschooling with that method looks like on the every day, examining resources that are common for each method and other information I find that goes along with each. These are the homeschool methods we will cover:

  1. Traditional School-At-Home
  2. Classical Education
  3. Charlotte Mason
  4. Unschooling
  5. Unit Studies
  6. Montessori
  7. Waldorf
  8. Relaxed / Minimalist
  9. Eclectic

To wrap up the series, we will talk about figuring out which of these homeschool methods works best for you and your family.

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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Methods: An Introduction”

  1. More and more, I see that I made the right decision to home school my teenage son.
    The upgrade in his health, psychological state is rewarding in itself.
    Plus, we’ve discovered that educational opportunities are everywhere!
    We pay the bill at a restaurant and we’re figuring out percentages for tips. We check the bill and we’re doing addition as well as English. We’re also people-watching, which can be a study in sociology.
    Learning about different cultures, their favorite foods and how they prepare them is a combination of World Studies, science and home economics.
    Those are but a few examples. The educational opportunities really are infinite.

    1. I absolutely love the idea of people watching, I had never thought of it as a sociology study. My son and I have decided we are going to try this at a shopping mall sometime.

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