Homeschool Methods: Montessori

The Montessori Method of homeschooling aims to follow the standards created by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. She believed in creating an environment that encouraged self-directed learning opportunities through hands-on, play-based activities. It focuses on experiences, not being taught.

Homeschool Methods: Montessori
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Dr. Montessori set up a series of standards and expectations for students in her classes, such as:

  • An Environment of Learning.
    • a whole room of activities that a child can pick from throughout the day, in whatever order they want.
    • a place where children can focus and concentrate on things they have chosen
    • space for children to work independently and collaboratively
    • encouraging of independence and self-interest
  • Multi-aged Classrooms
    • allowing for younger students to learn from and model older students
    • peer socialization
  • Quality, Hands-on Materials
    • tactile and sensory-based
    • child-sized
    • limited access to technology
    • self-correcting

Montessori curriculum focuses on 5 main areas: Practical Life Skills, Mathematics, Sensory, Language, and Culture & Science.

Take a peek at a Montessori Daily Schedule for one family.

Montessori Benefits

  • Allows children to really focus on independence.
  • Children learn well because they are doing things that interest them.
  • It’s a neat and tidy environment.
  • The multi-age classroom idea works well with families that have multiple children
  • It follows a child’s skill level instead of a specific curriculum checklist

Montessori Disadvantages

  • Involves a lot of parental planning and prep to set up centres
  • It’s specifically designed for younger children, such as preschool and early elementary and may not be able to be used at higher ages as easily.
  • This approach is more intentional and doesn’t really allow for much imaginative play, instead using focused activities for play
  • Manipulatives can be quite costly
  • For some people, it can be hard to know what your child should know when because it doesn’t use a specific curriculum

Examples of Montessori Curriculum

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