3 Ways to Choose A Homeschool Method That Fits Your Family

So now that you know all about the more popular methods of homeschooling that are used in the community, you may be wondering how exactly you are supposed to figure out which style will work for your family. Here are 3 ways to choose a homeschool method that fits your family.

3 Ways to Choose a Homeschool Method
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3 Ways to Choose A Homeschool Method:

#1. Trial and Error

Many homeschool families begin their journey with one homeschool style and adapt things as they go along and as they get more comfortable with their journey. This is a natural ebb and flow kind of thing.

For example, a newly homeschooling family may start off doing school-at-home because it’s as close to school as they can get and it offers a sense of security. In year two, they decide to get rid of the formal desk and scheduling because it felt kind of force., they realize that they love the idea of nature studies and add that into their days, along with reading aloud quality fiction books for history.  In year three, they decide to change science from a textbook / workbook study to unit studies, where they dive in deep on a topic with hands-on activities, videos, and lapbooks.

By the end of year 3, they feel like they have a really great rhythm and mix of styles and resources that they are enjoying, pulling from traditional, Charlotte Mason, and unit studies. They’ve adapted into eclectic homeschoolers.

#2. Pick One and Run With It.

When you first start out, there are just So. Many. Options. There’s this sense of panic, sort of, as you try to navigate the murky waters of the unknown, and having one more thing to figure out can be overwhelming. If researching and learning more about all the styles of homeschooling is too much, take a good general overview and see what method seems to resonate with you personally. Use that one method as a starting point. You aren’t obligated to do that style forever (no blood contracts need to be signed) so if it needs tweaking or a complete change as you go along, you can make modifications as needed. But at least you have a place to start from.

#3. Take a Test.

There are some really great tests that you can do online that ask you a bunch of questions and then, in the end, give you the method that seems to best fit. Here are two of the most popular ones:

My only word of caution is to not take the answers to these quizzes as the end all or be all of your homeschooling methodology. Use them to learn more about the styles they recommend for you and see for yourself if this is a good match.

Once you choose a homeschool method, you are ready to get started! Find the curriculum (or non-curriculum!) that goes along with that style and jump right in. The fun and adventure of homeschooling await for you.

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  1. Amy @ Orison Orchards

    Fun quiz! I appreciated all the informations, too. It made me really think about some changes we need to make in our homeschool!

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