Homeschool Methods: Classical Education

The Classical education method of homeschooling is based on the historical concept known as the trivium, which focuses on logic and reasoning as the centre of learning. This is broken up into three stages: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, focusing on different skills as children grow and develop.

Homeschool Methods: Classical Education
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The Grammar stage is for the early years, up until around the end of elementary school grades. The focus is on the important building block foundations for future learning. Taking advantage of a child’s natural ability to absorb information at this stage, many of the lessons focus on rote learning and memorization – such as spelling rules, mathematics facts, capital cities, etc. It’s about repetition and learning facts.

Next is the Logic stage. This is when children are curious about why things happen and want to know more about cause and effect. It’s a good time to learn how to critique things they read, the scientific method, and figuring out why events happened in history.  It focuses on the development of abstract thought.

High school is considered the Rhetoric stage – when students take what they’ve learned and start applying it to life. For example, using language to do public speaking. It’s about developing their own experience and opinions from what they’ve learned.

A Classical education tends to lean heavily on languages – including root languages such as greek and latin, as well as classical literature, meaning reading and writing are a vital part of the learning.

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Classical Education Benefits

  • A strong foundation in language skills
  • Encourages active mental learningThe Well Trained Mind
  • Uses a child’s natural mental developments and curiosities for learning
  • Covers lots of classic literature

Classical Education Disadvantages

  • A heavy focus on reading can be challenging for struggling readers
  • This method can be parent intensive
  • Rote learning can be boring for some children

Examples of Classical Education Curriculum

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