Learning Bird

Learning Bird

Learning Bird is a web-based education tool that provides students with lessons presented by teachers on subjects covered in the curriculum through videos, slideshows, printables, and more. Designed for kids in grades 6 to 12, the thing that appeals to me is that it’s not just one person doing the teaching, but includes lessons from […]

solaro study guides


Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Castle Rock Research, has created Solaro – a learning tool that is available in both a print and digital format. I’m excited to be able to share with you a great new partnership with this company to offer you an amazing discount on either option! The Print Books These books are […]

Canadian Unsolved Mysteries

Everyone loves a good mystery, and the lure to be the next Sherlock Holmes is hard to resist. What if you could help solve a Canadian mystery from long ago? Check out Great Unsolved Mysteries of Canadian History – a website dedicated to getting research together to solve some “cold” case mysteries like: Where is Vinland? […]


Let’s Talk Science: The Energy4Travel Project

Have you ever thought about the amount of energy you consume in your daily travels? Starting in February, Let’s Talk Science‘s high school site (Gr.8-12) – CurioCity – will be starting a new research project called Energy4Travel.  Information about this project: “CurioCity is a free, web-based program developed by Let’s Talk Science for Grades 8-12 […]

Citizenship Challenge

Canadian Citizenship Challenge

How much do you REALLY know about Canada? What about your high school aged student? Think they are up for a challenge? Check out this opportunity. Historica Canada is hosting a Canadian Citizenship Challenge for students in grades 7 – 12 (Secondary I-V in Quebec) until the end of December 2013. It’s open to both […]

Progressive Discover-e

Today’s post is from Ann Cook, the Principal of Progressive Discover-e, to share more about their online program. — We’ve all been there as homeschoolers. We’ve taken on this great responsibility of educating our children. It doesn’t matter what our reasons for homeschooling are – the responsibility is the same. We all feel the pressure […]

Peppermint Stick Learning Co – High School

Last year, I shared with you a company called Peppermint Stick Learning Co – a Canadian Christian curriculum company based out of Ontario that creates and compiles a variety of curriculum resources for grades K – 8. Well, they are excited to have shared with me that they have been working hard to put together […]

Maple Tree Publications

If you are looking for some Canadian content for your homeschool, check out Maple Tree Publications – a homeschool resources store run by homeschooling mom, Cori Dean. Similar Resources   Peppermint Stick Learning Co.   Donna Ward – History and Geography   On The Mark Publishing


If you are looking for a unique way to learn about a different area of Canada, I recommend checking out the SEVEC (Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada) student exchange program.   For over 75 years, SEVEC has been hosting exchanges between groups of youth across Canada. Groups of 10 or more students ages 12-17 […]