Rendez-Vous Canada

Homeschooling groups who are looking for something adventurous might be interested in trying out Rendez-Vous Canada – a tour of one of 4 cities of Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa & Quebec City. Similar Resources   SEVEC   Tourism Materials: Travel Across Canada   Duke of Edinburgh Award

Virtual Highschool

I know many homeschooling parents wonder how to handle high school education and I’ve been out learning what I can for options. Today I came across a website called Virtual High School (Ontario). After a brief email exchange with the Principal of the virtual school, I’m actually pretty excited about this option for my homeschooling […]

Ontario: ILC – Independent Learning Centre

The ILC is Ontario’s Distance Education program, specifically focusing on high school education years, but also providing curriculum plans for the elementary school. Students who take their courses and programs through the ILC can recieve an official high school diploma. After hearing several complaints from readers about this program choice, I had decided to remove the ILC  from […]