Come Sit By Me

Come Sit By Me is a unit study program based on lovely, Canadian picture books. It is designed for use with young children aged 4 to 7, and includes content for all subject areas including math, science, art, language, music, history, and geography. It is a christian program which emphasizes character formation by making connections […]

10 ways to encourage literacy

Family Literacy Day Ideas

Every year, on January 27th, it’s Family Literacy Day. Hosted by ABC Life Literacy Canada, along with honorary chair Robert Munsch – the popular Canadian children’s author, the day is designed to bring awareness to families about the importance of even 15 minutes a day of literacy in your home. They’ve provided a great collection […]

ABC-123 Stacking Circles Game

One skill that early learners are working on is letters and numbers. Learning in a way that is fun and tactile can make these concepts really stick, so here’s a hands-on game you can use. This printable consists of a full set of lower case and upper case letters, pictures of things that start with […]

Story Planner {Printable}

Writing a story is more than just throwing your ideas onto a page and hoping it becomes a developed adventure. It takes a lot of planning before you actually start putting your story together. This planner will help you think a lot about all the aspects of the story you are going to write. It […]

Book vs. Movie {Printable}

So many books have been made into movies and it’s a great opportunity to have your kids compare the differences and similarities between them both. This printable is a simple Venn diagram where you can place similarities and differences between the book and the movie. It also has a short worksheet with some prompting questions […]

5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: Boy Soup

Today’s Canadian Story Time book is all about a giant with a head cold who just wants to feel better. Book: Boy Soup Author: Loris Lesyenski Summary: Giant is sick, and his medical guide says boy soup will cure it. So he catches some boys. But he also catches Kate – a girl – who […]

5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: The Hockey Sweater

Today’s Canadian Story Time Book is about the passion that we feel as sports fans, and how being different can be a challenge.     Book: The Hockey Sweater Author: Roch Carrier Summary: Roch and his friends love Maurice Richard and the Montreal Canadiens. When Roch’s mom orders him a new hockey sweater, the company […]

5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: The Paper Bag Princess

Today’s Canadian Story Time book was written by one of our best known and loved Canadian children’s authors – Robert Munsch. It takes a classic fairy tale and flips it on end.   Book: The Paper Bag Princess Author: Robert Munsch Summary: Elizabeth is a princess with lots of princess-y things, including a handsome prince […]

5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: Jillian Jiggs

Today’s Canadian Story Time book is all about a little girl with a wildly creative imagination and a room that looks like it’s been lived in by pigs.   ¬†Book: Jillian Jiggs Author: Pheobe Gilman Summary: Jillian’s room is a mess and her mom wants her to clean it up. But Jillian and her creative […]

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