5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: The Paper Bag Princess

Today’s Canadian Story Time book was written by one of our best known and loved Canadian children’s authors – Robert Munsch. It takes a classic fairy tale and flips it on end.   Book: The Paper Bag Princess Author: Robert Munsch Summary: Elizabeth is a princess with lots of princess-y things, including a handsome prince […]

5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: Jillian Jiggs

Today’s Canadian Story Time book is all about a little girl with a wildly creative imagination and a room that looks like it’s been lived in by pigs.    Book: Jillian Jiggs Author: Pheobe Gilman Summary: Jillian’s room is a mess and her mom wants her to clean it up. But Jillian and her creative […]

5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: Red Is Best

This week, I’m going to be sharing 5 days of Canadian picture books. These are all classic books for preschool and early elementary years. For each one, you will find resources that you can use to expand learning for that book – through worksheets, crafts, hands-on activities, and whatever else I find that can be […]

Spark Your Imagination

Spark Your Imagination

Although my boys are very creative and can come up with elaborately detailed stories, adventures, and games on a regular basis, I decided I wanted to look for a way to expand their ideas and help encourage them to both build on their imaginations and develop writing skills. I happened to stumble onto Spark Your […]

Aboriginal Literatures in Canada

June 21st is a special day known as Aboriginal Day. There are a lot of events across the country that you can go visit and participate in. However, if you are looking for some educational resources to expand your understanding of the various First Nations communities throughout Canada, I recommend this high school level program […]

Reading Kingdom

Designed by Dr. Marion Blank, who is a leading expert in reading learning, this program was created to make reading fun and easy to learn. Through a series of games and activities, children learn the skills needed to read.  What is it? Interactive online reading program from Reading Kingdom Who is it for? Preschool – Grade 3 (ages […]

Learning Advantage

While I am not a homeschooling Mom for real, I play one on vacations and PA Days. Whether you are a homeschooling Mom or one that likes to supplement the kids learning you will appreciate the Learning Advantage and Summer Advantage books. These books came recommended at our kids school so I thought I would […]

10 Educational Board Games

Trying to make learning more fun and hands-on? Why not play a board game? Here are 10+ great games to help your kids learning without them really even knowing it. 1. Scrabble or Bananagrams This classic board game focuses on spelling and words. Using the letters you have available, you create words in a crossword style […]

Chalkboard Publishing – Canadian Curriculum Grade Books

If you are looking for Canadian based comprehensive curriculum books, check out this new series from Chalkboard Publishing – Canadian Curriculum Success. Covering the topics of Math, Language Skills, Reading Comprehension, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Cursive Writing, (depending on the level) these books are a great place to start and expand learning for each […]

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