Basic Cozy Spelling Course

If you’ve been looking for a way to develop the spelling skills of your child in the Grade 6 to 8 range, let me introduce you to the Basic Cozy Spelling course. This course is completely free – which already makes it a valuable resource, but is also Canadian – which means our children learn important spellings the Canadian way!

Basic Cozy Spelling Course

The Free Online course is divided into 30 lessons – complete with spelling words, word exercises for each set of words to further explore – such as figuring out syllables, dictionary skills, understanding suffixes, prefixes, and more. There is also a plan of action for each week to help maximize the lessons – for example Monday is the first dictation day, Tuesday is exercises day, …. Friday is test day, etc.

The designer of this course is a retired Canadian English teacher – who actually used this program in her classroom!

In addition to the free online course – she has also developed several other resources,  which cover the topics of grammar, essay writing, and punctuation in different formats. It’s worth a look!

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