Society for Quality Education

One of the recommendations I received was for The Society for Quality Education. Mark referred to this site as being one of his “cherish Canadian resources”.

This organization was founded by a collection of teachers and parents, etc – who had children in public school that had challenges ranging from reading issues to bullying. They did what they had to in order to keep their kids above water. Then they realized so many other kids needed the same help, but that their parents might not know HOW to help. So they put together the SQE.

There are 2 parts of this program: Phonics and Math.

Society for Quality Education

Mark explained that SQE’s Stairway to Reading is “an excellent phonics-based reading program that is free.” It starts with an easy evaluation which helps you understand what level your child is at already and where you need to start with the program. There are lesson plans, printable resources, flashcards,¬†and more. It goes through letters, sounds and how to put those sounds together to make words. They also have a link to a few online games which co-ordinate well with the program.

This website also contains similar programs to help with both math and grammar.

It’s fascinating to see some of the thoughts from current and former educators on the school system and how it affects the children who use it. A great, informative website on its own, combined with the free phonics and math program support – no wonder this is a “cherished” website.

I would recommend it too!

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