Video Game Review Worksheet


If your kids are anything like mine (aka video game junkies), you might wonder how in the world to use their passion for something good instead of just mindlessness. After much mulling it over, I thought that encouraging their love of gaming to help them learn the art of reviewing and critiquing would be a […]

Charter for Children Book Series


Published by DC Canada, the Charter for Children book series makes the Charter of Canadian Rights and Freedoms more personal and understandable through stories of lovable cartoon characters such as Anne of Green Tomatoes, Alexander the Grape, and Thanadel the Canadian Goose. Based in different provinces and territories across Canada, these stories take a small […]

Grammar Check Makes Your Writing Even Better


By now, we are all familiar and comfortable with spell-check. But what about grammar? Thankfully, there is an excellent tool you can use to help make your writing more efficient. Find out if you’ve used the proper there/their/they’re, if you have commas in all the right places, used the correct tense, and much more. Grammarly is […]

Come Sit By Me


Come Sit By Me is a unit study program based on lovely, Canadian picture books. It is designed for use with young children aged 4 to 7, and includes content for all subject areas including math, science, art, language, music, history, and geography. It is a christian program which emphasizes character formation by making connections […]

10 ways to encourage literacy

Family Literacy Day Ideas


Every year, on January 27th, it’s Family Literacy Day. Hosted by ABC Life Literacy Canada, along with honorary chair Robert Munsch – the popular Canadian children’s author, the day is designed to bring awareness to families about the importance of even 15 minutes a day of literacy in your home. They’ve provided a great collection […]

ABC-123 Stacking Circles Game


One skill that early learners are working on is letters and numbers. Learning in a way that is fun and tactile can make these concepts really stick, so here’s a hands-on game you can use. This printable consists of a full set of lower case and upper case letters, pictures of things that start with […]

English Language Reference Pack


Learning the English language and all it’s grammatical structures can be a challenge, so here’s a short reference pack to help explain some of it.   It includes: What are nouns? Plural nouns rules Showing possession Pronouns What is a verb? What is an adjective? What is an adverb? Punctuation Similar Resources   Abracadabra – […]

Book vs. Movie {Printable}


So many books have been made into movies and it’s a great opportunity to have your kids compare the differences and similarities between them both. This printable is a simple Venn diagram where you can place similarities and differences between the book and the movie. It also has a short worksheet with some prompting questions […]

5 Days of Canadian Picture Books

Canadian Story Time: Boy Soup


Today’s Canadian Story Time book is all about a giant with a head cold who just wants to feel better. Book: Boy Soup Author: Loris Lesyenski Summary: Giant is sick, and his medical guide says boy soup will cure it. So he catches some boys. But he also catches Kate – a girl – who […]

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